One of Those Believers

June 30, 2017

“You know how you can pray for me?” asked a non-believer I was talking with, “God save us from your Believers.”

Ouch…I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt by us, sorry our churches caused you to feel on the outside. I’m sorry in our zealousness for you to come to belief you were wounded.

I’ve done it. I’ve been one of those believers you speak about.

When I read my Bible, I notice Jesus never debated with people about who He was. He never threatened eternal damnation. He loved them. He spoke truth in love. He washed feet.

I’m struck by His gentleness and compassion, His unconditional love. Isn’t that what draws people to God?

  • His kindness
  • His mercy
  • His grace

I don't think God scares people into following Him. Share on X

He gently reveals Himself and the truth of who He is. He issues an invitation and the choice to accept is ours.

There is no love without freedom.

There is always choice and freedom with God. In fact, for me, that’s the hardest part. My way or God’s? Too often I pick me over Him. His way offers peace and freedom but like a child, I want what I want.

He offers a buffet, I want the cheap, sugary treat. Sometimes I wish salvation was a takeover. Instead, it’s always a choice, self or God – I struggle. I want to desire God’s way but what I do is decide apart from God and pray for Him to bless the path I choose.

It doesn’t work that way. I can’t have me and my way and God’s.

He never forces – I must yield.

So back to my non-believing friend – don’t trust me – don’t look to flawed people. We’re messed up – look to God. He is faithful and if you seek Him, ask Him to reveal Himself to you, He will.

Jesus isn’t to keep you on the outside – He provides the way in. He came to bridge the vast divide between sinful, messed up people and a God who never left us.

In our biggest mess, He is there. He knows your name and he’s waiting….waiting for you to seek for Him.

He won’t beat you over the head or force His way. He simply waits for you to ask…and if you do, He will answer.

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I'm a free spirit. I hate rules and legalism. I love art and nature, music, the beach and dogs. I like to garden, take pictures and read. I tend to speak my mind and have a rip-the-band-aid -off approach to life. (Brace yourself, this might hurt.)

    1. You are so correct. I see Christian’s who believe that because they go to church they deserve to be call christians. I remember a quote from The Hole In The Gospel book about just because you walk into a garage you still aren’t a car. Same thing.
      Yes look to the Lord. I found most church Christian’s are stiff necked, judgemental and so busy “taking In” that they don’t know how to “give out”. Yes, focus on the Lord! Love your inspirational insights

      1. Great Comment – I love what you said about just because you walk into a garage doesn’t make you a car. My prayer and challenge to myself is to show people the love of Christ and not be a follower in name only. Great comment! ❤️

    1. I love this message so much! I wish I could put it on a billboard somewhere. Sometimes my heart just breaks for those who have the wrong ideas about God because a Christian has hurt them. Heck we Christians hurt each other and ourselves all the time. I wish they knew not to look at us but to Jesus. That Christians aren’t perfect, even though some of us think we are. All we are are children of God trying our hardest to live life the way God wants us to. We are human we are bound to screw this up. But if they could just look to Jesus they would see His love and that is perfection. God bless, my friend. Hope all is well with you.

      1. Hey Katt! I need to text you!! You have totally been on my mind and heart. I love your comment and all you say – you get it. We are all children of God trying our hardest. Love you sister – I’m sorry we haven’t connected yet. Xoxo

        1. No worries. I’ve been sick and running to doc appts so haven’t really been too communicative with anyone. I get this way when I flare up. I just sleep and try to be comfortable. Well I’m off to another appt. Hope you have a wonderful day! God bless my friend!

          1. God Bless you sister – I hope you are better soon. Love you in Christ. ❤️

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