Do Good: Training For Christ

If you’re looking to strike a blow to poverty, look no further.

Training for Christ offers a way to make a real difference for real people in small Guatemalan villages. TFC promotes the “ripple effect” through education and training.

I am so impressed with the thought and passion that goes into what TFC does. They send deserving young adults to vocational training school. Transportation (a major expense and obstacle) is included. Many families rely on their young adults to work or help with the family so a family stipend is provided.

Accountability is built in. Screening for appropriate candidates is done through a local ministry. All applicants are thoroughly screened, families must sign a contract and be “all in”, accountability, mentoring – TFC has thought of everything.

This is a “hands on” ministry with regular trips to Guatemala as well as utilizing local resources. To resource, empower and educate makes a difference in lives, income and future generations. This ministry is changing lives and communities.

$1350.00 is all it costs to send a young adult to a 2 year vocational training program – this includes books, materials, transportation, tuition and uniforms. My prayer for this ministry is 2 students will be fully sponsored.

To partner with TFC and sponsor a student fully or in part (any amount helps – $25.00 buys books) go to