Ben and Brenda

June 27, 2017

“The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter” (Psalm 30:5b, MSG).

Throughout life we sometimes find ourselves in scenarios that we never imagined ourselves in. They hurt, they sting, and we wonder if there is ever any light at the end of the painful tunnel.

Roughly three years ago my wife Brenda and I found ourselves walking through some very tough scenarios…totally clueless as to what the other was going through as we at that point in time we hadn’t met.

Three years ago found Brenda battling tooth and nail for her marriage and holding her family together. Three years ago found me daily trying to understand why my wife was unconscious and unresponsive with no real explanation from the doctors and experts.

Three years ago what we had hoped and prayed for didn’t happen… Three years ago life sucker punched us good… Many days found us crying, hurt, and pouring our hearts out to God, wondering why this had happened.

Over time our lives settled into a “new normal” as we individually set forth and relearned to live from what we had become accustomed to for many years prior. Yet the pain still lingered, the why’s still came, and the hope of again finding that place of happiness (whatever it looked like) seemed like a shadow of a dream.

In Jeremiah 29:11 God says, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for” (MSG).

God has our back. Last Spring God wondrously worked out the crossing of our paths in His perfect timing. Brenda and I quickly fell in love with each other and earlier this year we were married. I am now a dad to three amazing kids and the happiness that we had both desperately hoped for from that point of brokenness three years prior had finally come to be.

Friends, I’m not sure where life finds you. Perhaps you are walking through the darkest point in your life and you are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. Please, please, please don’t give up hope! Keep on going! Yesterday’s a closing door You don’t live there anymore Say goodbye to where you’ve been And tell your heart to beat again ~Danny Gokey,

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.

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I'm a free spirit. I hate rules and legalism. I love art and nature, music, the beach and dogs. I like to garden, take pictures and read. I tend to speak my mind and have a rip-the-band-aid -off approach to life. (Brace yourself, this might hurt.)

    1. Thank you Ben and Brenda for sharing your story! The healing God provided and the love you share touch and inspire me. God is so good. While I’m so sorry each of you went through so much, it gives me hope to know and see God is a God of redemption. He turns ashes to beauty. Thank you for sharing – it’s a gift. ❤️

    1. Dear friend,
      Thank you for sharing your heart. I am glad has brought joy to your heart! Blessings on your marriage! ~Jen Early

    1. Thank you for your beautiful story…Terry and I met when we were 10…we both married high school sweethearts…raised our families and lost both of our spouses to illnesses…and by The Grace of God and in His plans our pathes crossed…PATIENCE…remember it took Noah 120 years to build the Ark…we were married last Saturday…God is good…we are so very Blessed…Terry married me and ended up with a family of 23 !!! Bless Brenda and Ben…may you have many years together .

      1. God is indeed good and His timing perfect! Congrats to you and Terry! May God richly bless you both!

    1. Ben, this is so beautifully written!! I love how God carried you through those dark days, and brought you into the light together!

    1. I am reading your story looking back on my own life and how God took me through some really horrific storms. Through all The crying, fear, & anxieties, I laid it all out before God. During these hurtful and lonely times I grew closer to God. Today I praise God for all of his many blessings and overwhelming peace within me. Now I am helping others in life’s unexpected pain that has been set upon them. I too never thought I could ever have that special someone, until God surprised me. Blessings to you both and your family. God is truly good!
      “Your history doesn’t have to determine your destiny. God is for you, and has a great plan for your life. Get your hopes up ”
      by Joyce Meyer

      1. Wow! Thank you for your great comment Kim! Consider sharing your story here. God is so faithful! ❤️

    1. Ben,

      Thanks so much for sharing this. It really touched me and made me see that there is still hope that I find that happiness again.

      1. Hi Stephanie! I’m so happy Ben’s story encouraged you. Sometimes it seems my life will never change and I have to remember my story isn’t over yet. Ben and Brenda had no idea God had something wonderful for them as they walked through their own seasons of pain – their story shows me God has a plan better than anything I can dream.

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