Cathy Baker

October 12, 2018


When and how did you decide to actually build a tiny house?

I’ve enjoyed tiny spaces for as long as I can remember. As an only child, I’d seek out the hidden corners of my yard to pick wild violets. Growing up, it was the tree house stoop that sat beside a small private lake, and as an adult, one of my favorite tiny spaces was our vintage Shasta trailer, which didn’t stick around nearly long enough, thanks to my asthma.

So earlier this year, when my dad encouraged me to consider building a tiny house of my own, it didn’t require a lot of coaxing, especially when he offered to help us build it. Of course, that was the clincher for this daddy’s girl.

We began sketching plans in February and eating beans in March.

What were your hopes for the project?

Off and on over the years, I’ve imagined living in a tiny house. But let’s be real. We would need to build three—one for my books, one for my husband’s musical instruments/vinyl collection, and a third to live in. When we decided to use the tiny house as my writing studio, my mind shifted to creating a clean, brightly lit house, surrounded by inspiring quotes. More importantly, however, my greatest hope for this tiny house has always been to bless others.

Has your vision changed as you’ve progressed?

I would say my vision for the house has grown, not necessarily changed. Over the past several months, new ideas have emerged for ways to serve others in and through the tiny house. Like starting a podcast and leading online Bible studies. I’m also currently working on a book about the tiny house journey. Stay tuned!

What’s one thing God has shown you through the process of building your tiny house?

Recently, while panicked over the possibility of having the tiny house swept away during an encounter with Hurricane Florence, the Lord tenderly reminded me that this house is ultimately His. I don’t think I had necessarily doubted this along the way, but when faced with a true threat, my reaction proved otherwise. It was a fresh opportunity to dedicate it back to Him.

You recently launched a new site, The Tiny House on the Hill. How will the concept of tiny play a part in your blog?

I believe the answer to that question is discovered in the sub-title of the blog: Because Mustard Seed Moments Matter. When I began studying scripture as a babe in the faith, I marveled at the ways God took seemingly insignificant things, people, and places, and use them for His glory. We all know about David and Goliath, but have we stopped to consider how God used a baby’s tear to change the heart of Pharaoh? That baby, of course, was Moses.

God is still in the business of taking the small mundane moments of our lives and creating a magnificent story for our ultimate good, and for His glory. It’s exciting, and it’s what I write about in one form or another in my posts.

Another way the concept of tiny plays a part in the blog is through the Tiny House Tuesday posts each month. I share a picture or two of the actual progress, along with a tiny story. Also, when you become a part of the {tiny} community through subscribing to the blog, you receive a free e-book, 10 Tiny Prayers that Offer Great Hope. In addition, you receive my Monthly Letter from the Tiny House on the Hill where I share a tiny house back-story, exclusively for you.

If you would like to follow the progress of the tiny house, join me on Instagram @cathysbaker.

What is your prayer for The Tiny House on the Hill?

It’s simple. My prayer for her is to be a beacon of God’s light, disguised as a tiny house.

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